V2 is currently in beta. See roadmap

Build accessible Vue apps with speed

Beautiful & accessible Vue components for crafting high-quality Design System driven applications for the web.

yarn add @chakra-ui/vue-next

Powerful Developer Experience

Develop with an open, extendable API

Chakra UI Vue components can be customized at any level - whether it's at the component level, or the theme level. You can also extend the components to add new features, or override existing ones.


Chakra UI strictly follows WAI-ARIA standards for all components.

Design System friendly

Customize any part of our components to match your design needs.

State Machine Driven

Built with UI state machines for predictable and reliable UI. Powered by Zag.js


Designed with composition in mind. Compose new components with ease.

Connect with the Chakra community

Feel free to ask questions, report issues, and meet new people.