Close Button

CloseButton is essentially a button with a close icon, that performsa close action on a component usually a dialogue or alert component.


Chakra-Ui Vue exports one Close-button component

  • CloseButton: The box container containing the close icon
import { CCloseButton } from '@chakra-ui/vue-next';

Base button

Simply display the close button by using the CCloseButton component

<c-close-button @click="handleClose" />

Button Size

You can adjust the button sizes by passing the size prop as either sm,md, or lg

<c-stack>  <c-close-button size="sm" @click="handleClose" />  <c-close-button size="md" @click="handleClose" />  <c-close-button size="lg" @click="handleClose" /></c-stack>


The Close Button can be used to perform close actions with other components. See how;

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