Alert component displays a short important message such as error message, warning message, success message or other prompt notifications.


This package exports the following alert components

  • CAlert: The alert container which wraps the entire alert components.
  • CAlertTitle: This component describes the title of an alert.
  • CAlertDescription: The description component is used to pass the alert message.
  • CAlertIcon: The alert Icon component can be used to define the seevrity of an alert.
import {  CAlert,  CAlertTitle,  CAlertDescription,  CAlertIcon} from '@chakra-ui/vue-next';


With Title and Description

You can use the CAlertTitle and CAlertDescription component to display an alert content

<c-alert status="success">  <c-alert-title>Updated Successfully</c-alert-title>  <c-alert-description>Click to view your profile</c-alert-description></c-alert>

With Icon

Icons are defined based on the status props passed in the CAlert component. The status props are often defined based on the event.

<c-alert variant="left-accent" status="info" mb="3">  <c-alert-icon mr="2" />  <c-alert-description> Please,updat your KYC. </c-alert-description></c-alert><c-alert variant="left-accent" status="warning" mb="3">  <c-alert-icon mr="2" />  <c-alert-description> Incorrect Password </c-alert-description></c-alert><c-alert variant="left-accent" status="success" mb="3">  <c-alert-icon mr="2" />  <c-alert-description>    Congratulations!. You scored above 75%
  </c-alert-description></c-alert><c-alert variant="left-accent" status="error" mb="3">  <c-alert-icon mr="2" />  <c-alert-description> Access revoked!</c-alert-description></c-alert>

With Status

This alert offers the status prop to define severity or success based by color, icon and scheme of the component. The supported props are error, warning, success and info statuses.

<c-alert status="info" mb="3"  ><c-alert-icon mr="2" /> Please update your KYC.</c-alert><c-alert status="success" mb="3"  ><c-alert-icon mr="2" />  Your Info has been saved successfully.
</c-alert><c-alert status="warning" mb="3"  ><c-alert-icon mr="2" /> Unable to process request
</c-alert><c-alert status="error" mb="3"  ><c-alert-icon mr="2" /> Password is Incorrect!.

With Accent

You can use thevariant props on the CAlert to create variant styles. The variant props supported are subtle, solid, left-accent,and top-accent.

<c-alert variant="solid" status="success">  <c-alert-icon mr="2" />  <c-alert-description> Submitted Successfully! </c-alert-description></c-alert><c-alert variant="subtle" status="success" mb="3">  <c-alert-icon mr="2" />  <c-alert-description> Submitted Successfully! </c-alert-description></c-alert><c-alert variant="left-accent" status="success" mb="3">  <c-alert-icon mr="2" />  <c-alert-description> Submitted Successfully! </c-alert-description></c-alert><c-alert variant="top-accent" status="success" mb="3">  <c-alert-icon mr="2" />  <c-alert-description> Submitted Successfully! </c-alert-description></c-alert>


CAlert can be integrated with other components, to create sleek and seamless alert layouts on your Vue user interface.

<c-alert  variant="subtle"  status="success"  flex-direction="column"  height="auto"  text-align="center"  align-items="center"  justify-content="center"  w="full">  <c-alert-icon box-size="40px" />  <c-alert-title mt="4" mb="1" font-size="lg"    >Application Submitted!</c-alert-title  >  <c-alert-description max-width="sm" mt="auto" font-weight="normal"    >Our team will review your application. If you are found a fit for this
    role, someone will be in touch with you. Please do well to stay in touch
    with our Jobs page</c-alert-description  ></c-alert>

CAlert can as well be used with other Chakra-Vue components, let's for example use the CButton alongside the CAlert.

<template>  <c-button
    v-if="!showAlert"    @click="showAlert = true"    border="1px solid rgba(47, 43, 67, 0.1)"    border-radius="sm"    mr="3"    variant="outline"    box-shadow="0px 1px 3px rgba(47, 43, 67, 0.1), inset 0px -1px 0px rgba(47, 43, 67, 0.1)"    bg="transparent"  >    Show alert
  </c-button>  <c-alert
    v-if="showAlert"    status="warning"    variant="subtle"    flex-direction="column"    align-items="center"    justify-content="center"    text-align="center"  >    <c-alert-icon />    <c-alert-title mt="4" mb="1" font-size="lg"      >Before Submitting</c-alert-title
    >    <c-alert-description max-width="sm" mt="auto" font-weight="normal">      Kindly note that this decision cannot be reversed, once you submit, your
      results are uploaded to the database.    </c-alert-description>    <c-button-group variant="outline" mt="4">      <c-button color-scheme="blue" @click="showAlert = false"        >Proceed</c-button
      >      <c-button @click="showAlert = false">Cancel</c-button>    </c-button-group>  </c-alert></template><script setup>  import {    CButtonGroup,    CButton,    CAlert,    CAlertIcon,    CAlertTitle,    CAlertDescription  } from '@chakra-ui/vue-next';  import { ref } from 'vue';  const showAlert = ref(true);</script>

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