Checkbox component is used in forms when a user needs to select multiple values from several options.


import { CCheckbox, CCheckboxGroup } from '@chakra-ui/vue-next';


<c-checkbox default-checked> Simple checkbox </c-checkbox>

Disabled Checkbox

<c-checkbox is-disabled> Disabled checkbox </c-checkbox> 
<c-checkbox is-disabled default-checked> Disabled checked </c-checkbox>

Checkbox with custom color

You can override the color scheme of the c-checkbox to any color key specified in theme.colors.

<c-stack spacing="5" direction="row">  <c-checkbox color-scheme='red' default-checked>    Red
  </c-checkbox>  <c-checkbox color-scheme='green' default-checked>    Green

Checkbox sizes

Pass the size prop to change the size of the c-checkbox. Values can be either sm, md or lg.

<c-wrap spacing="5" direction="row" align="center">  <c-checkbox size='sm' color-scheme='red'>    c-checkbox
  </c-checkbox>  <c-checkbox size='md' color-scheme='green' default-checked>    c-checkbox
  </c-checkbox>  <c-checkbox size='lg' color-scheme='orange' default-checked>    c-checkbox

Invalid Checkbox

<c-checkbox is-invalid> Invalid checkbox </c-checkbox>

Changing the spacing

We added the spacing prop to customize the spacing between the c-checkbox and label text.

<c-checkbox spacing='1rem'> Option </c-checkbox>

Changing the icon color and size

You can customize the color and size of the check icon by passing the iconColor and iconSize prop.

<c-checkbox icon-color='purple.500' icon-size='1rem' color-scheme="white">  Option


<template>  <c-stack>    <c-checkbox      v-model="allChecked"      :is-indeterminate="isIndeterminate"      @change="        (value) => {
          setCheckedItems([value, value])
      "    >      Parent checkbox
    </c-checkbox>    <c-stack pl="6" mt="1" spacing="1">      <c-checkbox        :model-value="checkedItems[0]"        @change="          (value) => {
            setCheckedItems([value, checkedItems[1]])
        "      >        Child Checkbox 1
      </c-checkbox>      <c-checkbox        :model-value="checkedItems[1]"        @change="          (value) => {
            setCheckedItems([checkedItems[0], value])
        "      >        Child Checkbox 2
      </c-checkbox>    </c-stack>  </c-stack></template><script lang="ts" setup>import { computed, ref } from "vue"import { CCheckbox } from "@chakra-ui/vue-next"const checkedItems = ref([false, false])function setCheckedItems(value: boolean[]) {  checkedItems.value = [value[0], value[1]]}const allChecked = computed(() => checkedItems.value.every(Boolean))const isIndeterminate = computed(  () => checkedItems.value.some(Boolean) && !allChecked.value)</script>

Checkbox Group

Chakra exports a CCheckboxGroup component to help manage the checked state of its children CCheckbox components and conveniently pass a few shared style props to each. See the props table at the bottom of this page for a list of the shared styling props.

<c-checkbox-group v-model="items" color-scheme="blue" size="lg">    <c-stack>      <c-checkbox value="naruto"> Naruto </c-checkbox>      <c-checkbox value="sasuke"> Sasuke </c-checkbox>      <c-checkbox value="kakashi"> Kakashi </c-checkbox>    </c-stack>  </c-checkbox-group>

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